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Project Lazarus provides kits that include two doses, atomizers, and instructions.
o] should also be reduced to minimize friction losses in the atomizer exit.
Dust Control Technology's smallest fan-driven atomizer, the DustBoss DB-30, has a flow rate of about 2.
et al (1995) two types of electro-static sprayer and cotton honeydew Atomizer back to fight in the DARAB and the dome were compared.
Therefore, Durr offered KIA a conversion to the Durr atomizer technology EcoBell2 ICC with external charging.
Sutherland, Sojka and Plesniak [13] have developed a model that describes the performance of a ligament-controlled effervescent atomizer.
They loved an antique bulb atomizer that we presented to them, so we used this component--classy, edgy, and feminine at the same time--as the focal point of the entire line.
The spectrometer supports flame analysis of high-concentration samples and furnace analysis of trace samples without changing the atomizer unit.
In a simple pressure swirl atomizer (Giffen and Muraszew 1953; Lefevbre 1983, 1989; Bayvel & Orzechowski 1993; Ramamurthi & Tharakan 1995, 1998), swirling motion is imparted to the liquid inside the atomizer by passing it through a swirling chamber, which results in a tangential velocity component in the flow.
The painting lines are fully automated with robots, including the paint atomizer EcoBell 2 ICC with integrated color changer.
So I am delighted at the news that he has just launched an Atomizer Collection - the ultimate in portable perfumery
E-cigarettes are a reasonably simple device made up of a lithium ion battery, an atomizer chamber and a cartridge.