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The Atomizer represents a prime example of Qualiflow's commitment to improving fab efficiency and tool uptime through innovation in advanced gas control systems," said Claude Jacquemin, Qualiflow chairman.
Our Perfume Atomizer is easy to fill by removing the fragrance cap and injecting the fragrance into the Atomizer through an injection hole on the bottom.
The EZ Breathe (TM) Atomizer can be found in these three presentations:
A new atomizer design, suitable for sulphur dioxide scrubbing with lime slurry, has progressed to a field test stage.
Just in time for the holidays, Travalo introduces the newest model to its fragrance atomizer collection -- Travalo Elite.
The cutting edge rotary atomizer is a robust mechanical and compact design, which offers lower maintenance and higher reliability over conventional rotary technology.
The combination of dry separation and fully automatic paint application on the interior and exterior, as well as the use of the high performance rotary atomizer EcoBell2 HD in interior painting, leads to a significant reduction in operating costs.
In addition, the relative resin efficiency using a spinning disk atomizer for resin-adhesive atomization was also discussed.
The E-cigarette consists of an electric device with a battery, an atomizer and a switch which is activated by sucking the E-cigarette.
To complement the existing topical line, Borba Nutraceuticals just launched a linen, face and body Atomizer mist that infuses skin and sheets with skin care ingredients.
Individual topics include the development of a dry applied dispersible granular pesticide carrier, a means of increasing the biological activity of weak acid herbicides by increasing and decreasing the pH of the spray mixture, the influence on weed control from tribenuron, flight-line variability in rotary atomizer drop size distribution, and florescent intensity of dye solutions under different pH conditions.