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The stainless steel construction of these atomizing nozzles make them durabile and corrosion resistant.
A controller, with digital outputs, allows user to set the temperature of the atomizing up to 165 degrees F.
For rotary burners check the atomizing cup and air nozzle daily.
Exair (Cincinnati, OH) has announced siphon fed atomizing spray nozzles, which require no liquid pressure and can be used with gravity fed liquids or lift liquids from a siphon height as much as 36" (91 cm).
2 Atomizing Air Housing, Atomizing Air Tune And Atomizing Air Nozzle For Burner Model 62-4 And Diffuser.
The stainless steel rings are tested to withstand pressures of up to 900 psi, with brass atomizing nozzles that deliver millions of 50- to 200-micron droplets per minute.
Atomizing nozzles, available in both airless and air-assisted styles, generate a 50 [degrees] cone spray pattern and offer precise, controlled
Based on high-frequency sound waves, the system's unique patented nozzle systems create atomized spray patterns capable of unlimited widths and median drop sizes as low as 18 microns (based on atomizing water), with many advantages over traditional spraying systems.
Atomizing takes place in front of the spray-nozzle's discharge opening, not in the mixhead.
The transparent glass version makes it possible to observe the spray drying process and directly observe the atomizing and formation of possible product deposits, as well as estimating the effect of process parameter changes such as the gas flow of the atomizing nozzle, the temperature and flow rate of the drying gas After determination of a suitable set of process parameters, further production of powder can be carried out with drying chamber and bag filter housing of isolated stainless steel, The small cyclone has been designed to separate all particle sizes larger than 2 (m in order to achieve a high product recovery.
The spray forming head is a stepped block fabricated from titanium that concentrates the mechanical energy produced by the convertor at the atomizing tip.
However, the company has also developed a system to apply liquid anti-tack agents, where aqueous solutions are sprayed through atomizing jets directly into the cutting chamber.