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Alec for the oatmeal diet when she saw a lovely ivory workbox; became resigned to the state of her belt when she found a pile of rainbow-coloured sashes; and when she came to some distractingly pretty bottles of attar of rose, she felt that they almost atoned for the great sin of thinking Phebe the finer girl of the two.
I might yet hear him say, "She was inquisitive when she had no business to inquire; she was obstinate when she ought; to have listened to reason; she left my bedside when other women would have remained; but in the end she atoned for it all--she turned out to be right
But, in both these respects, old John more than atoned for any deficiency on the part of the rest, and very much distinguished himself.
But former Charlton trainee Shelvey at least atoned for his howlers with a clever cushioned header to set up Spanish striker Michu to level in minute.
England goalkeeper Robert Green then saved Ashley Young's 49thminute spot-kick before the Villa winger atoned for his error with a curling 25-yard equaliser two minutes later.
Nate Reinking more than atoned for his error which allowed Israel a second chance to win the opening game.
The hosts made the perfect start when Tim Steele's 11thminute shot eluded Mike Price in goal but the keeper then atoned with good saves from Steele and Joe Garner.
Evil as defined by the church must be avoided or, in not being avoided, must be atoned for.
Hill sub Graham Mackay got a goal back with seven minutes left after a blunder by keeper Keith Ross but Beith clung on and Ross atoned with saves from Brian Watret and Bryan Dingwall
Thorpe atoned for his error by teeing up Tait to restore Rovers' lead.
They broke quickly and Rickie Lambert chipped the ball back for Wilbraham, who atoned for earlier misses with a well-taken effort.