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Let these tokens tell them that the one idea of their father's life was the idea of making atonement to his children.
Rook lifted her hand solemnly "Say," she answered, "that a dying sinner is making atonement for sin.
She felt that atonement was proper, and considered it no more than just that Fan should drench a handkerchief or two with repentant tears, and that Tom should sit on a very uncomfortable seat and call himself hard names for five or ten minutes before she relented.
A house of atonement, or expiatory chapel, fitted with
In my eagerness to make atonement, I even offered to show him a spot where he might try again, lower down the stream.
And suppose I followed that up by telling him that his son has made atonement by marrying her?
There was the false hope of making the inevitable atonement by some other means than by the confession of the fraud.
And mendicant prophets go to rich men's doors and persuade them that they have a power committed to them by the gods of making an atonement for a man's own or his ancestor's sins by sacrifices or charms, with rejoicings and feasts; and they promise to harm an enemy, whether just or unjust, at a small cost; with magic arts and incantations binding heaven, as they say, to execute their will.
He assured him that his prevaricating and lying backward and forward was a great aggravation of his guilt; for which the only atonement he could make was by confession and repentance.
The motive underlying all this proceeds evidently from something more than a generous eagerness to make atonement for a wrong which she has innocently inflicted on another person.
I am here to make atonement to you, before I meet your mother in the world beyond the grave.
He told Mr Rugg that to clear his partner morally, to the fullest extent, and publicly and unreservedly to declare that he, Arthur Clennam, of that Firm, had of his own sole act, and even expressly against his partner's caution, embarked its resources in the swindles that had lately perished, was the only real atonement within his power; was a better atonement to the particular man than it would be to many men; and was therefore the atonement he had first to make.