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where Ni and Nj refer to alpha atretic and normal vitellogenic follicles, respectively.
We used the postspawning-stage ovaries that had only stage-4 oocytes and atretic hydrated oocytes to estimate the proportion of stage-4 oocytes that was less then 525 [micro]m.
The ovarian atretic process in female striped mullet was characterized by four distinct stages that followed a very similar progression to that described for the northern anchovy (Hunter and Macewicz, 1985).
Atretic oocytes were present in low proportions from March to April and in high proportions in May.
On the other hand, group C reported higher count of atretic follicles and corpora lutea in comparison to controls.
Low magnification showing atretic follicles and several hyalinized vessels with markedly enlarged lymphoid follicles with nodular growth pattern (A).
Karlou-Riga C, Economidis PS (1996) Ovarian atretic rates and sexual maturity of horse mackerel, Trachurus trachurus (L), in the Saronikos Gulf (Greece).
The number of primordial follicles, primary follicles, secondary follicles, and atretic follicles in all the serial sections of an ovary were counted.
This decline probably reflects the partial normalization of follicular development; both FSHP4 and NA-FSHP4 treated ovaries presented a decrease of atretic and cystic status in both growing and large antral follicles and in the meanwhile the development of a new population of small growing healthy follicles, which synthetize and secrete less E2 (58, 59) (Table 4).
CA, cortical alveoli; AF, atretic follicle; BM, basement membrane; F, follicle cell; FG, full-grown oocyte; LO, leptotene oocytes; N, nucleus; NU, perinuclear nucleoli; OF, ovarian follicle; OG, oogonium; OL, ovarian lumen; PF, prefollicle cells; PG, primary growth oocyte; PO, pachytene oocyte; SG, secondary growth oocyte; Y, yolk globule; ZP, zona pellucida.
In another study histological observations of folliculogenesis and follicular atresia in immature female rats (0-35 days old) were studied; after day 30 numerous primary follicles and atretic follicles were observed in the ovaries, antrum grew larger in the follicles where oocyte disappeared and granulosa cell layer became thin.
The proximal third of the ureter was blind ending and the distal portion was atretic, preventing its drainage to the bladder and recognition by cystoscopy.