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noun abeyance, break, gap, halt, hiatus, interlude, intermission, interregnum, interruption, intervallum, intervening time, lapse, lull, pause, recess, respite, rest, spatium interiectum, spell, truce
See also: abeyance, cessation, discontinuance, duration, hiatus, moratorium, pause, pendency, period, point, recess, remission, space, term, time

INTERVAL. A space of time between two periods. When a person is unable to perform an act at any two given periods, but in the interval he has performed such act, as when a man is found to be insane in the months of January and March, and he enters into a contract or makes a will in the interval, in February, he will be presumed to have been insane at that time; and the onus will lie to show his sanity, on the person who affirms such act. See Lucid interval.

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