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New Delhi [India], September 5 ( ANI ): The Communist Party of India (CPI) strongly condemned the death of senior journalist and activist Gauri Lankesh, who was shot at her residence in Bengaluru, stating that these atrocious killings need a full stop, while demanding swift action against the perpetrators.
Our discipline atrocious all game, allowing exits and go to the Buster Dixon had already been held up over the line before Brightwell was driven over at the back of a scrum.
He said: "My play at The Open and here has been atrocious.
He said: "I appreciate this opportunity to apologise to the members of Bafta for inflicting on them the most atrocious Cockney accent in the history of cinema.
He said that international community does not take notice of this atrocious human rights violations, but we must continue our efforts, he added.
Southwark Fire Station manager Cathie Reeve, who was at the scene, said: "Crews worked very hard in atrocious weather conditions.
Liberal Democrat Mr Pugh said: "This is an atrocious waste of muchneeded NHS money that could have gone into patient care.
The weather was so atrocious rescuers were forced to step down on Wednesday night and resumed their search for the two men early yesterday morning.
He denounced "the atrocious, inhuman and inexplicable persecution of those in many parts of the world.
NIE staff earlier supplies to more than 4,500 consumers- despite working in atrocious weather conditions.
She said: "Locking children away, often in atrocious conditions, has a Grimm's fairytale quality about it.
We condemn this atrocious murder as well as all other terrorist acts for which Al Qaeda affiliated groups in Iraq and Syria have claimed full responsibility," her spokesman Michael Mann said in a statement.