atrocious crime

See: atrocity
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The Rules are a certain liberty adjoining the prison, and comprising some dozen streets in which debtors who can raise money to pay large fees, from which their creditors do NOT derive any benefit, are permitted to reside by the wise provisions of the same enlightened laws which leave the debtor who can raise no money to starve in jail, without the food, clothing, lodging, or warmth, which are provided for felons convicted of the most atrocious crimes that can disgrace humanity.
The one thing, however, that Silas Bannerman never succeeded in explaining, even to his own satisfaction, was how first he came to connect Gluck with the atrocious crimes.
MonSneaks Smith: "I am glad to see Domestic Violence getting more coverage for the atrocious crime that it is and I am glad it is getting more funding from the government.
Hezbollah considered that such an atrocious crime is an offense against all Muslims in Kuwait and across the world, calling on the Kuwaiti people to demonstrate "patience and cohesiveness and prevent terrorists from achieving their despicable goals of spreading sedition and chaos in this dear country.
student from Delhi University, said, "We should be ashamed of ourselves to have chosen such leaders who try to reason out the atrocious crime instead of taking actions.
But he added: "The controversy over the figure cannot minimise in any way the atrocious crime committed against the Jews.
Whether you've been a victim of an atrocious crime or had your parking spot stolen, feeling mistreated invites us into a dangerous thinking tunnel of gaining vengeance.
I call on the Iraqi government to ensure that a thorough, impartial and transparent investigation into this atrocious crime is conducted without delay and that the results of the investigation are made public-, he said.
The limits of the law; sentencing perpetrators of atrocious crime.
Sahar Abdullah, a young female activist who was present at the anniversary, said, "We came here to mark the anniversary of the atrocious crime because we want the whole world to know that we will not forget this terrorist attack in which our sons, who came to this square to serve their nation, were killed for no reason.
Once again the terrorist murderers commit an atrocious crime by targeting innocent civilians in Salahuddin province", Al Maliki said in a statement.