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Admittedly, it may be difficult to find a comparatively sufficient ordinary crime that reflects the seriousness and atrociousness of the international War Crime of "[d]estroying or seizing the property of an adversary.
The nature of the harm, the degree of control exercised by the abuser, and persistent state inaction confirm that simply because "domestic violence is privately, as opposed to officially, inflicted does not diminish its atrociousness nor the need for international sanction.
The atrociousness of the dictatorship in the Philippines, which was administered directly, is captured in General Jake Smith's words to the Marines: "I wish you to kill and burn.
Berliner constantly tells reporters there is no correlation between the atrociousness of the attack and the aftereffects.
Despite the indisputable atrociousness of the crimes and the emotions evoked in the international community, the judges have examined the facts adduced in a most dispassionate manner, bearing in mind that the accused is presumed innocent.
The numbers killed at Hama are far higher, although this does not decrease the atrociousness of the 1860 carnage.
In other words, if the ICC is successful, it will function not only to prevent atrocities in identified conflict situations, but also to sharpen the popular understanding of the atrociousness of sexual and gender violence and persecution and the relation between torture in intimate relationships and atrocities in the context of war.
She reports a conversation, later that winter, where her continuing support for the pacifist ideas of Alain is criticized by Sartre; by now, therefore, he rejects arguments based on a refusal to shed the blood of others, and recognizes the necessity of war, in view of the particular atrociousness of Nazi Germany; he quickly convinces her.
These reactions of immediate unquestioning support to military response in Libya extend to numerous revolutionary hardliners who are greatly opposed to Al-Sisi's rule, yet found in this atrociousness a chance to unite against a common enemy, temporarily putting aside fundamental differences with the regime.
But Weimar, population only 65,000, the same population as Schenectady, New York, is in 1998 remembered by millions, and the heck with poetry, as having been the feeble, democratic capital of a mined Germany after World War I--before the shit hit the fan--before the permanently unforgettable and unforgivable atrociousness of the Hitler era and World War II.
They have engaged in numerous acts of violence, rivaling those of the Army in scale and atrociousness and may have been responsible for the assassination of a widely-respected, moderate Catholic Archbishop, who was a Tutsi.
By falsifying what had happened at Maspero, Pope Tawadros undermines Christian activists and antagonises the revolutionaries, particularly those who participated in the march or had witnessed its atrociousness.