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Clinical history, cutaneous and histopathological findings of our case fits in to the description of atrophia maculosa varioliformis cutis.
On 52 days old (CRL=80mm), metanephros had significant growth and had been occupied the upper abdominal cavity and on the other hand mesonephros was to the atrophia.
Mason, "On Atrophia a Ventriculo (Mal d'Estomac), or Dirt-Eating," Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal 39 1833): 291.
It has been found with MRI imaging that adenoma increasing for 5 years (meantime) in children, then the brain volume is lower, and there is enlargement of the celiac system and atrophia of the amygdaloid nuclei.
Roes writes in prose, in verse, and in scenes, changes genre from chapter to chapter, while the individual chapter titles are taken from a dermatological lexicon: macule, papule, phyma, cicatrix, and atrophia.