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Cutaneous examination showed three atrophic patches on the posterior aspect of left trunk along spine axis.
All 48 cases with endometrial thickness [less than or equal to] 4 mm had atrophic endometrium.
Results: In atrophic gastritis we have revealed the decrease in the number of functionally mature cells responsible for the production of extracellular matrix and basal membrane components, the lack of which in paraepithelial localization results in the change of their special properties.
Macroscopic examination of the radical orchiectomy revealed a cystic wide cavity with tumoral mass inferiorly deviating to the atrophic testicle (Figure 2).
Anderson and Harvey (1993) reported two forms of disease as acute eosinophilic myositis and chronic atrophic myositis.
Chronic atrophic rhinitis and Klebsiella ozaenae infection].
OCAT) announced that the first patient has been enrolled in the company's Phase 2 clinical trial using proprietary RPE cells in patients with atrophic (dry) agerelated macular degeneration (AMD).
We have conducted a comparative analysis of statistic markers, which describe used methods of research, in order to establish an opportunity to use noninvasive immune ferment analysis method for atrophic and precancerous changes of the mucous membrane of stomach at H.
The editors have organized the main body of the text in nine chapters devoted to skin findings with systemic associations, calcifying, perforating, and atrophic disorders, connective tissue disorders, genetic paraneoplastic disorders, granulomatous disorders, immunobullous disorders, lymphoproliferative disorders, metabolic and nutritional disroders, and neutropilic and eosinophilic disorders.
Group I: comprised 45 patients with OLP, no histopathologic signs of dysplasia, 15 reticular type and 30 patients with symptomatic OLP (15 atrophic and 15 erosive types), group II: 12 OLP cases showing dysplastic changes and group III: 15 control subjects with no oral mucosal disease.