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ATTACHE. Connected with, attached to. This word is used to signify those persons who are attached to a foreign legation. An attache is a public minister within the meaning of the Act of April 30, 1790, s. 37, 1 Story's L. U. S. 89, which protects from violence "the person of an ambassador or other public minister." 1 Bald. 240 Vide 2 W. C. C. R. 205; 4 W. C. C. R. 531; 1 Dall. 117; 1 W. C. C. R. 232; 4 Dall. 321. Vide Ambassador; Consul; Envoy; Minister.

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The Minister reviewed in the meeting the history of the relations between the two countries which dates back to 1958, expressing hope that the efforts of the new military attache will be a continuum for the efforts exerted by the previous military official, to achieve the desired objectives.
The Defense Attache System is an arm of the Defense Intelligence Agency tasked with representing the United States in defense and military related matters with foreign governments around the world.
Lithuania's Economy Ministry has proposed discarding commercial attaches to Western countries and sending representatives of governmental agencies Invest Lithuania and Enterprise Lithuania instead.
Any student who already did the questionnaire should immediately contact the Attache," a statement from the attache said, adding that his office had already sent emails to all students in the UK and Europe.
Iran is planning to dispatch commercial attaches to Germany and France by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (March 19, 2016), ISNA news agency quoted Reza Abbasqoli, an official with the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran (TPOI) as saying last week.
Al Shara welcomed Qadri whishing him success on assuming new role as commercial attache at Pakistan's embassy, praising the depth of the relationship between the two countries.
Bulgaria's first agricultural attache, Veselina Evdokimova, former head of the Public Relations Department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, was sent to Paris on April 1, 2011, investor.
PNY, a provider of products for everything in and around the computer, on Wednesday announced the Hook Attache, its new ultra-compact USB key.
Furthermore, there would be several "industry" attaches appointed - the Agriculture Ministry has already named Vesselina Evdokimova, the former head of the ministry's media office, the agricultural attache in Paris, while the former head of State Fund Agriculture Svetoslav Simeonov will take a similar position in Brussels.
Iran is going to increase its labor attache in abroad, said Habibzadeh.
WASHINGTON: Egypt's main state wheat buyer is "moving aggressively" to replace 540,000 tons of wheat contracts canceled by Russia's ban on wheat exports, imposed due to massive drought, a US Agriculture Department attache in Cairo said on Thursday.