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In a statement to NINA, Zobae said "attaching the important commissions to the parliament and attaching the remaining to the cabinet is a positive step towards building institutional state.
For Darren Wallis, respecting his family's tree meant building the tree house around the tree, rather than attaching it.
Attaching one of these virtual libraries to a SAN allows them to be used in the same manner as the SAN-attached tape libraries described above.
Tests of localized adherence, autoaggregation, and attaching and effacing were performed as described (6,7).
In the same-fashion, attaching files to electronic mail allows the end-user to access the files at their convenience, unlike the FTP, where the host computer must be accessible.
An IP SAN can be created by segmenting the LAN for IP storage traffic and attaching Web or application servers with an optional network attached storage (NAS) device.
The recurring item exception could have been adopted without obtaining IRS consent by attaching a statement to an income tax return for the tax year that included July 19, 1984.
Instead of attaching multiple physical tape storage devices to the SAN, attaching an IVTSD can provide the host and applications with 64 or more unique tape devices without the cost, installation, or footprint of additional physical devices.