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In the first quarter of 2017, nine reported attacks occurred within Nigerian waters.
When Holy Cross doctors get a patient suffering a STEMI heart attack, one caused by a blood clot, they can insert a wire through the artery and use a small balloon to clear the blockage, according to the hospital.
Initial malaria attacks were treated with chloroquine or quinine.
But evidence that MS attacks may not be entirely random comes from focusing on a specific type of MS attack called retrobulbar neuritis.
Because of its targeted nature, it is harder for security vendors to isolate the attack thereby giving the hacker more time to do damage.
The attacks had recently become more sophisticated, according to the agency.
Moreover, patients who stopped taking an SSRI during the 29-month follow-up reverted to the higher mortality and heart attack rates of depressed, non-SSRI users.
The use of parallel devices also allows terrorists to create multiple focus points at the incident site, thereby expanding the overall perimeter affected by the attack.
When the ball is near the touchline and both teams have packed the space in front of the dribbler, you should look to switch the point of attack to the opposite side of the field.
Flying the AV-8B Harrier II, attacks and destroys surface targets under all-weather conditions, day and night.
A panic attack can be a one-time incident or, as in Brenna's case, they can become more and more frequent--panic disorder.