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Value, measure, or degree; a charge, payment, or price determined through the application of a mathematical formula or based upon a scale or standard.

For example, an interest rate is determined by the ratio between the principal and interest.

Rate is also used synonymously with tax.


noun amount, assessment, charge, cost, expense, fare, fee, hire, magno, obligation, pace, parvo emere, price, quotation, standard, tempo, valuation, value, velocity, worth
Associated concepts: legal rate of interest, rate of exchange


verb aestimare, appraise, apprize, assess, class, classify, compute, determine, esteem, estimate, evaluate, figure, fix the price of, gauge, grade, judge, measure, merit, price, quantify, rank, reckon, set a value on, tag, value, weigh
See also: amount, appraise, arrange, assess, assessment, calculate, caliber, charge, classify, cost, criticize, differential, duty, earnings, estimate, evaluate, expense, face amount, frequency, gauge, inveigh, levy, measure, organize, par, pigeonhole, price, quality, rebuke, reprehend, sum, tax, worth

RATE. A public valuation or assessment of every man's estate; or the ascertaining how much tax every one shall pay. Vide Pow. Mortg. Index, h.t.; Harr. Dig. h.t.; 1 Hopk. C. R. 87.

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In both hospitals, attack rates were somewhat higher for caregivers (22.
In both HIV-positive people and the general population of Denmark, current smokers had the highest heart attack rate (left two bars), previous smokers had a lower rate (middle two bars), and never smokers had the lowest rate (right two bars).
ANOVA was used to assess the difference in the searching time handling time attack rate and efficiency of predator at different prey densities.
Given a fixed burst length of 200ms and the attack rate of 5Mbps after aggregation, the impacts of the attack packet size on the defense performance is disscussed as follows where ([Q.
High attack rates have also been observed in outbreaks involving close clustering of people in Mexico (15) and Japan (16).
Whether or not one accepts these forecasts, it is clear that any measures to reduce influenza attack rates by even a few per cent would have huge economic benefits.
In a small study, the addition of uricosurics did not reduce the gout attack rate in 14 patients with nontophaceous gout.
Because attack rates were expected to be low based on previous studies (see Discussion), the large sample size per trial was chosen in order to obtain adequate data.
This experiment was performed to control for the effect of total prey size on attack rate (a mating pair is double the size of a single individual).
Twenty-five persons met the case definition, constituting an overall attack rate (i.
1992), increases in the directional selection intensity, i, were associated with increasing Eurytoma gigantea attack rate and decreasing bird attack rate.