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Targeted false data injection attacks: attacker aims to find an attack vector that can inject a specific error into certain state variables
This, however, is beside the point: it is typical that a successful attack vector could remain open to exploit data for some time before it is identified and patched.
To deal with ever-expanding attack vectors, you need visibility across the extended network with contextual awareness.
For the protected meters which cannot be accessed, the associated attack vector would be zero.
Trojan horses are always disguised as useful code, and the attack vector may even provide a useful utility.
A common attack vector, heap overflow bugs let nefarious users install data-harvesting malware onto a target computer.
Many equate DDoS with only a volumetric attack vector.
In the past 18 months, DNS has become the latest target where DNS has become the second highest attack vector on the Internet slightly behind HTTP attacks.
Performing a cursory 6th degree intelligence assessment of some of these providers revealed several network adjacent hosts with high-concern indicators of compromise that could potentially leverage the third-party resource as an attack vector into the primary customer set.
SQL Injection remains the most popular attack vector.
Hundreds of thousands of websites appear to have been compromised by hi-tech criminals using a well-known attack vector that exploits security loopholes on other sites to insert a link to their website.