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the BYOD phenomenon continues to open up new attack vectors, frequently because
The product's unified interface provides a consistent methodology for replicating attack attempts that spread among these attack vectors.
Malicious actors identify, develop and incorporate new resources and attack vectors into their arsenals.
2 beta), AIM Pro and AIM Lite, which exposes workstations running these IM clients and their users to several immediate high-risk attack vectors.
Many equate DDoS with only a volumetric attack vector.
In the past 18 months, DNS has become the latest target where DNS has become the second highest attack vector on the Internet slightly behind HTTP attacks.
According to the 2013 Verizon Data Breach Report, nearly 1/3 of all data breaches leveraged social as the primary attack vector.
In 2014, mobile will become the attack vector of choice for cyber criminals, as the number of Android threats alone is expected to climb to more than 3 million.
Instead of relying on a single attack vector, malware will use whatever unprotected path exists to reach its target and accomplish its mission.
The attack vector was a mobile developer's website which a number of Facebook engineers visited on their laptops, with malware being downloaded in the background and infecting the machines.
The second attack vector is session hijacking which is achieved through malware.
They found one attack vector that worked, and they broke the Chinese monopoly.