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A branch office of Citibank or a McDonald's restaurant happens to be among the more accessible, tangible, and attackable manifestations of a much larger U.
It's true that the firearms and entertainment industries are more easily attackable targets, and one could imagine a bipartisan committee roundly criticizing both.
1) The sham question: If the settlor genuinely intends that the PTC will observe its fiduciary obligations at all times, there should be no question of sham; but, if he really means to do as he pleases regardless of fiduciary obligations, the structure will be eminently attackable.
But the rand was patently attackable before Mr Mboweni's appointment and the New York incident, says the weekly The Financial Mail.
Mitigating attackable weaknesses should be the primary goal of every IT security program.
Despite the attackable nature of the target, England needed a good start, as their middle order cannot boast a recent good record of winning matches - but it was not to be.