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After roughing up the man, the attacker turned on the woman, hit her and left her with serious injuries.
SI informed that two persons named Waqar Ali and Asif Khokhar present in his office in connection to the investigation of a case saved him from the attackers and are the eyewitnesses to the crime.
Munich [Germany] Oct 21 ( ANI ): German police have ruled out terrorism in Munich knife attack in which the attacker wounded four people on Saturday morning.
The petitioner group's representative, Atam Parkash Chandani, had argued that the attacker had targeted women in as many 21 incidents, reported from different parts of the metropolis, where the women were injured in knife attacks.
According to media reports, the knife attacker wearing a helmet and riding on bicycle attacked the woman early on Friday morning when she was on her way to work.
A police patrol responded to the emergency and shot the attacker dead.
State news agency IRNA quoted an official at the mausoleum as saying the attacker had set off a suicide bomb after shooting at people.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Advanced attackers are using a blend of in-memory malware, legitimate pen-testing tools and a compromised updater to attack banks and tech firms, warns Microsoft.
And an attacker might be less willing to attack if he thinks that his action will NOT end everything.
At the scene of the killing of Lee Rigby, the attackers effectively taunted the police to kill them, but the police disabled them with gunfire and took them prisoner.
Two attackers targeted an Eid prayer ground where one attacker blew himself up, injuring 11 people, three of whom were policemen.
Mr Herrmann said people close to the attacker told investigators he had seemed like a calm person, not overtly religious or an extremist.