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Attackers often use software that browses Web sites for e-mail addresses.
The middle attacker will try to "flick the ball on" to the other two attackers who run into the box.
That's because that pass resulted in a goal off a header, not by a Hart attacker but off the head of Saugus defender Jamie Havelin.
Police said at the time the girl had been raped by two attackers, kicked in the face and suffered cuts and bruises all over her body.
The attackers apparently did not breach the high walls surrounding the white embassy compound in a diplomatic neighbourhood of Damascus.
The attackers have been apprehended, but their names have been withheld because they are teenagers, ages 17 and 14.
The attackers are able to receive, Trojanise, and resend a document within 120 minutes of its release, indicating a high level of sophistication," the warning said.
To perform a cache poisoning attack, the attacker exploits a flaw in the DNS server software that can make it accept incorrect information.
An attacker puts up a fake bank website and entices a user to that website.
The idea is that no matter how big or strong you are, fluid, precise movements using your body weight can help disable an attacker.
Thanks to the Internet, attackers now have a common, automated knowledge base that they can leverage to wage a new kind of war on the enterprise.
The attackers asked him for cigarettes and money and searched his pockets but found nothing.