attain majority

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He said that PML-N's strength at municipality has increased up to 19 which would help the party to attain majority votes for chairmanship.
The leading players are involved in the research & development of various innovative enzyme products to attain majority market share.
In addition, the percentage of directors failing to attain majority support tripled, from .
Despite fewer organized "Vote No" campaigns against directors this year, at least 84 directors at 48 companies failed to attain majority support from shareholders through August at more than 2,400 companies where director voting results were available.
We have campaigned in the country so that NDA can attain majority," Yadav said.
The data show that it is not necessary for women to attain majority representation on association boards to have a significant impact on the gender composition in the association leadership ranks.
With the exemption removed, Petrofund will be required to attain majority Canadian ownership by January 1, 2007, to maintain its status as a Mutual Fund Trust.
1,184 directors failed to attain the support of at least 70% of the shares voted, and 345 failed to attain majority support.
The market is competitive with leading players being involved in the research & development of various innovative pet food products to attain majority market share.
He however predicted that no single party would attain majority in the elections
Notwithstanding the fact that fewer directors stood for election in the 2014 mini-season, there was a 26 percent increase in the number of directors that failed to attain majority support, from 99 directors in the 2013 fall mini-season to 125 directors in the 2014 mini-season.
Smith, among the nation's largest pharmaceutical wholesalers, today announced the completion of the deal to attain majority interest in Triplefin, a reimbursement, patient assistance and pharmaceutical brand-support services Company, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.