attain majority

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The JUI-F chief is lobbying for his brother Maulana Attaur Rehman to be nominated for the slot of the chief minister KP in case the allied parties attain majority in the province in the upcoming polls," they added.
June 2005: The Future Movement and its allies attain majority in Parliament.
Clearly, there was no majority vote on the resolution because the [council] has 10 members hence, the required vote to attain majority was six, the petitioners said.
He said that PML-N's strength at municipality has increased up to 19 which would help the party to attain majority votes for chairmanship.
The report indicated a 26 percent increase in the number of directors that failed to attain majority support.
At mid-caps, the percentage of plans attaining support in the 90-100 percent range fell from 72 percent to 71 percent and the percentage of plans that failed to attain majority support doubled from 3 percent (18) to 6 percent (41).
In addition, the percentage of directors failing to attain majority support tripled, from .
We have campaigned in the country so that NDA can attain majority," Yadav said.
Newt Gingrich argued that the Republicans could attain majority status only by highlighting their partisan differences.
The data show that it is not necessary for women to attain majority representation on association boards to have a significant impact on the gender composition in the association leadership ranks.
He however predicted that no single party would attain majority in the elections