attain the goal

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'To attain the goal, we have to continue evolving newer high yielding crop varieties and cultivate those to meet food demand of growing population by increasing crop intensity side by side with protecting soil health and adapting to climate change,' he said.
"The US has been insisting and attempting to attain the goal of zeroing Iran's oil exports, which cannot be materialized and certainly this futile dream will not come true," Qassemi told reporters in his weekly press conference in Tehran on Monday.
To attain the goal, cargo handling must grow at a monthly average of 4.9 percent or more.
He said the people had given a five-year mandate to the Pakistan Muslim League-N to serve the masses and resolve their problems and all-out efforts would be made to attain the goal.
Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of meetings of member states' legal experts on an Arab human rights court, Al-Araby said: "There is a dire need to clear the Arab atmosphere and to capitalize on the convening of the summit in Kuwait and its chairmanship of the summit to discuss the matter and to attain the goal." He said Kuwait and the Arab League are keen to make proper preparations and arrangements for the Kuwait Summit and for ensuring its success.
A memo from BED Manager of Power Resources Ken Nolan says that Burlington Electric Department wants the 7.4-megawatt plant to attain the goal of using only renewable sources.
However, Abbas Akhoundi did not specify a date to attain the goal.
A source from the USA Embassy says that the USA remains a strong partner to Macedonia in all its effort to build a stronger and prosperous society and attain the goal of Euro-Atlantic integration.
He also said that the people of North Korea are "making their up most efforts to attain the goal of a powerful and prosperous country by the year 2012." (ANI)
-- North Korea's efforts to attain the goal of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula remain unchanged.
To attain the goal, the IEA also calls for the construction of 26 1 million kilowatt-level nuclear reactors and 17,500 units of 4,000 kilowatt-level wind power mills annually.
The report was commissioned by Achieve, Inc., with its fact base, international benchmarking of Ohio's K-12 system, and identification of best practice implications for Ohio (in order to attain the goal of a world-class system) conducted by McKinsey & Company, drawing upon the work of leading international education experts.