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If there be anything wanting to your comfort, name it, Leather- Stocking; if it be attainable it is yours.
Surely, if experience is attainable, she had attained it.
Knowing by experience that the plainest narrative attainable from persons who are not accustomed to arrange their ideas, is the narrative which goes far enough back at the beginning to avoid all impediments of retrospection in its course, I asked Mrs.
No adequate expression of the beauty and profound pathos with which it impresses us is attainable.
the Objective is only attainable through the Subjective
Jackson, if perfection had been attainable on earth, would also have asked that Mrs.
This at least was attainable and at sight of it his starved stomach seemed almost to cry aloud for sustenance.
What I object to is the unpleasantness of being associated with your inquiries when I am absolutely unable to give you the least help, or to supply you with any information which is not equally attainable to you.
I resolved to put the lawyer's prophecy--so far as the question of astonishment was concerned--to the sharpest attainable test.
To him knowledge, if only attainable in this world, is of all things the most divine.
Download Berri deems election law best attainable NNA - House Speaker Nabih Berri urged all politicians to "invest on the positives in the upcoming phase", reiterating the importance of re-activating the work of state institutions after the adoption of the long-awaited election law.
But Sison said participating in the peace negotiations was not equivalent to surrendering and giving up their demands, which he said were very attainable.