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Ghazi Al Ruffai attained one A* grade in A-level Fine Art and two A grades in Drama and English Literature; he is currently taking a gap year.
Pakistan cricket team had achieved tremendous success with the same commitment, he said, adding like in cricket, great accomplishments could also be attained in different fields of life through common resolve and unity.
Abdul Rahman Askar congratulated Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Chairman of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, President of Bahrain Olympic Committee, on the various awards attained by Bahraini sports in Al-Ahram Newspapers referendum.
An intervention program carried out with 98 Portuguese students from fifth and sixth grades working with Testas for a year shows that, by the end of the school year, 70% of the students in the sample had improved their self-regulated study behaviors and 40% had attained higher grades in Portuguese and English as a Foreign Language compared with the 94 students who weren't part of the experience (Mourao, 2004).
The schools was compiled on the basis of percentage of A/A* grades attained at GCSE and A/B grades attained at A-level.
1.72-9 (as set forth in Table II of Appendix E in IRS Publication 590), using the ages attained by T and his wife in 2001, and an interest rate equal to 6.36% (110% of the annual long-term applicable Federal rate used for Sec.
The second hierarchy, the Dominations, the Virtues, and the Powers, consider how the end, God, can be attained, and therefore their names express the idea of government.
It is meant to assure client companies that a PR agency has attained an acceptable level of competence in professional practice, management, professional indemnity and financial stability.
This study was designed to determine the potential benefits which could be attained by using scorch resistant peroxides and the potential sacrifices which may be required to attain these benefits.
If a part has four critical features, and we are molding it to Cpk 2, then the Cpk for all four of those features must be 2 or the objective has not been attained.
Rather, clear results are attained by working on several fronts simultaneously, and doing the fight things on each front.
Required minimum distributions under the proposed regulations are calculated based on the IRA owner's age on her birthday in the calendar year she attains age 70 1/2 as well as her named beneficiary's attained age in that year.