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Harsh Ainapure attained two A* in A-level Economics and Mathematics and two A grades in History and Physics.
The Bahraini shooting team including the shooters Samira Abdul Jalil, Lubna Abdul Aziz and Mouza Bucheery attained the second position scoring 1642 points "the silver", the Qatari shooters attained the first position "the gold" with 1673 points, while the Kuwaiti shooters attained the third position "the bronze" with 1572 points.
Then for every woman who had attained menopause, woman in the same age group (43-55 year) who hasn't attained menopause was chosen from the same area A pretested structured questionnaire was designed for in-depth interviews, based on information gathered from interviewing a few women prior to actual study.
More than 44 percent of high school students attained proficiency on the test.
A is an active participant in both plans and attained age 70 1/2 in 2004.
It taught me that examinations were usually either criteria-based, (having a predetermined pass mark) or they were norm-referenced, (where the spread of results from the lowest mark attained to the highest mark attained were distributed over a Gaussian or Normal Distribution Curve).
Only 51 percent of students who began college in 1995-96 attained a degree or certificate six years later; 14 percent were still enrolled.
Functional strength (80% of maximum) is attained in 60 minutes and full cure in 24 hours.
Thus, IRS Notice 1269, supplementing IRS Publication 575, Pensions and Annuity Income, states: "If your required beginning date is April 1, 2001 (either because you attained age 70.
The second hierarchy, the Dominations, the Virtues, and the Powers, consider how the end, God, can be attained, and therefore their names express the idea of government.
It is meant to assure client companies that a PR agency has attained an acceptable level of competence in professional practice, management, professional indemnity and financial stability.
Of the 141 people who had terminated the program, 51 (36 percent) had attained competitive employment with a 6-month job retention rate of 85 percent; four (3 percent) had entered a formal training program or college; and 86 (61 percent) had dropped out.