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He said: "The attainment gap between the most disadvantaged pupils and their peers has narrowed by 10% since 2011, and more disadvantaged pupils are studying the core academic subjects, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills they need to make the most of their lives.
This collaborative work to improve literacy outcomes for pupils and to close the attainment gap is showing promising results and we look forward to further progress as the programme develops.
Additionally, the increase in educational attainment goes beyond high school.
A funding package specifically designed to break the link between poverty and low attainment, the PDG is equal to PS1,150 for every eligible pupil.
Attainment in grammar, punctuation and spelling at the expected standard in 2016 is similar to attainment at level 4b or above in grammar, punctuation and spelling in 2015.
But Lib Dem MSP Tavish Scott said: "The Scottish Government have had six weeks of the school holidays to devise a fair funding system - 2000 Scottish schools are not getting any support to tackle the attainment gap.
Mercer applied this model to maternal role attainment showing how these different concepts and variables interact with one another and categorizes each according to how they affect the mother-infant relationship.
The different growth rates of these two populations have resulted in changes in the distribution of educational attainment within metropolitan areas.
In the marriage market, a substantial increase of single probabilities and an increase of divorce probabilities has occurred for both genders, regardless of college attainment status.
Professional credentials--derived from educational attainment, work experiences, and certification--may facilitate respect, power, and authority within any professional realm, including records management.
While there is a distinction between goal progress and goal attainment, both progression towards, and attainment of, goals may influence well-being (Carver & Scheier, 1990; Diener, 1984).
Even controlling for such variables as socioeconomic status, 10th grade math scores, parents' birthplace, sex, and region, bilingual education has unambiguously negative effects on both years of education and attainment of a degree.