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Students, parents and teachers in Southampton are celebrating today's GCSE results following an increase in attainment in the city.
Rita Hamad, M.D., Ph.D., from the University of California San Francisco, and colleagues linked census data on educational attainment during childhood with outcomes in adulthood using data from the 1992 to 2012 waves of the Health and Retirement Study (30,853 participants) and data from the 1971 to 2012 waves of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (44,732 participants).
Deputy First Minister John Swinney confirmed the funding as the results of a Scotland-wide survey of more than 500 headteachers showed almost nine out of 10 had seen improvement in closing the poverty related gap in attainment or wellbeing.
Attainment 8 is average score across eight subjects taken at GCSE, which includes English and maths.
The schools was rated five out of five stars for attainment, four stars for attainment for all, five for progress and five for attendance.
Attainment 8 is an average score across eight subjects taken atGCSE, which will include English, Maths and a range of other subjects - the higher the score, the better.
Clackmannanshire Council insists it is making progress in closing the povertyrelated attainment gap in the county.
KEEPING a best friend during the move to secondary school is linked to better academic attainment and behaviour.
North Lanarkshire Council has made a "positive start to closing the poverty-related attainment gap", according to an Education Scotland inspection.
Ross Thomson North Lanarkshire is making good progress in improving learning, raising attainment and narrowing the povertyrelated attainment gap.
To date, over 30 municipalities have adopted the attainment goal and several local communities have made progress toward educational attainment through cross-sector collaboration.