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2017 was the first year affected by major changes to the exam system, with schools ranked on a new score called Attainment 8.
Mr Swinney, said: "The Literacy Report launched today shows good progress in raising attainment in literacy and closing the poverty-related attainment gap.
As high school educational attainment increased for the nation as a whole, attainment for minority populations also increased.
Data published by the Welsh Government shows the attainment gap closed by 1.
Attainment at the expected standard in the tests is highest in grammar, punctuation and spelling at 72% and lowest in reading at 66%.
Labour education spokesman Iain Gray said: "While the First Minister poses for photo ops in the Borders, her government are only delivering attainment funding to two schools out of 63 in the area.
States with non-attainment areas would have until 2020 to late 2037 to meet the proposed health standard, with attainment dates varying based on the ozone level in the area.
Newcastle School Stars - Attainment 5555 Stars - Teaching 5555 Stars - Progress 5545 Stars - Attendance 54452 Overall Stars 5555 Overall Score 83.
The measure, The Clean Air, Strong Economies (CASE) Act, would require the agency to focus on getting counties that have not yet complied with current smog standards to demonstrate attainment before moving on to set a new standard.
The process of bonding, especially through maternal role attainment, is essential for basic survival needs of the child and mental health needs of both the mother and child.
I focus on changes in human capital, using the share of the adult population that has a bachelor's degree, often referred to as the BA attainment rate, to measure it.
By 1996, however, female college attainment had reached 64%, 5 percentage points higher than that of the males in the same cohort.