attempt to disprove

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Sometimes, it is useful to attempt to disprove something rather than prove it.
In an attempt to disprove criticism, she posted on Facebook last week the Army's invitation for her to speak before the conference.
During the 17-day trial the defence used posts from the girl's Facebook account and texts messages about her sexual history in an attempt to disprove her story.
The Aetherius Society, which makes pilgrimages to Snowdonia and Pen Y Fan to harness "extra-terrestrial energy", said it was a cover-up and another "half-hearted" attempt to disprove life on other planets.
So we should equally be prepared to praise them when they attempt to disprove some of the myths surrounding their work.
The ape was raised as a child by a family in an attempt to disprove the accepted wisdom that only humans are capable of using language.
Summary: What began as a joke, an attempt to disprove her friend's misogynistic comments, led to Rola Hoteit becoming the first and only female pilot in the history of Middle East Airlines.Teaser
Less persuasive is his attempt to disprove the claim that "there is no alternative to the capitalist free-market economy" (vii).
Do not attempt to disprove criticism via logical counter-argumentation!
On one afternoon, in an attempt to disprove the saying 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas', I sat down at a lunchtime Texas Hold'em tournament at Caesar's Palace.
You go down in history as the person who may have discovered that astonishing finding, probably only for someone to question it years later as they get funding themselves in an attempt to disprove it.
In this article we attempt to disprove this myth by answering several questions about gas meter accuracy.