attendant conditions

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It is for this reason that the power of municipal mayors to issue business licenses and permits was tempered with the power of the sangguniang bayan to enact ordinances to regulate any business within the municipality and the attendant conditions which attaches to the license or permit," the decision read.
This means that, in a given regulatory context (degree of "multi-homing"), questions need be raised about the expected benefits of opening up a platform and its attendant conditions (pricing and contractual terms in general) to capture the innovation potential of outside firms and make the platform more or less inescapable.
"The cost to the health service is absolutely vast," says Dr Bangar, "and it's going to get worse." As well as treating diabetes, the bill for diabetic patients includes drugs and treatment for the attendant conditions such as heart disease.
Findings showing the beneficial effects of TP508 were consistent across multiple models of AMI and attendant conditions, including normal and elevated cholesterol levels as well as diabetes.
Unlike his colleagues, who either ignore historical evidence or habitually employ it in a reductionist manner, Harris uses intensely archival records by reconstructing the attendant conditions under which events were caused and then recorded.
The nature of the issues under consideration demands placing the account of the development of unbelief within attendant conditions of the history of culture.
What is new is Jackson's explanation that such advancements in women's status stemmed from the development of modern society and its attendant conditions such as bureaucracy, rationalization and individualism and that these advancements serve as markers of women's "unprecedented and apparently irreversible progress toward complete gender equality."