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Super Attender - Rhondda Cynon Taf Council's new Attendance and Wellbeing Service mascot - meets pupils at Trallwng Infants, Pontypridd, who have achieved 100% attendance this term
Similar to O'Dowd and Bellon, we conducted regular meetings where the primary provider was supported emotionally and practically on how to improve the care of the frequent attender.
Mail Attender is a scalable content management tool that automates the scheduling of common policies in multiple information stores.
understanding of frequent attender visits could help guide more
My mother was a season ticket holder for 35 years and a regular attender until early this year.
However, the decision to refer the patient to the special clinic was made by the referring physician based on subjective criteria and not based on an arbitrary number of visits defining a "frequent attender.
When asked about Cowen's decision to scrap the infamous money-spinning tent at the Galway Races, Mr McCreevy said: "I actually was not a great attender at the tent.
Always a good supporter of the south Yorkshire track, he has been a very regular attender since the current management team increased opportunities for the outside trainers.
Salmond told Gray: "I recognise the name Gypsy Amalia, she's a regular attender of the Turriff Show in my constituency.
My mother was a regular attender there in the 1940s and early 50s, often accompanied by myself.
At that time I was bringing up two young children and was not interested in the pop world, being a regular attender with my wife at the Phil.