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Among the recollections of intensive care patients the most annoying things are the presence of the orotracheal tube, the various attending staff activities and noise.
Be sure employees are being paid for all hours worked, even before and after scheduled shifts, during scheduled breaks or meal periods, and while attending staff meetings or mandatory training sessions.
In fact, the attending staff was lined up in the emergency room asking what they could do.
This resulted in increased stress and decreased job satisfaction in the attending staff as well as missed teaching opportunities for the residents and students.
The Caerphilly Parents' Council is an elected group whose activities range from organising fundraising to attending staff interviews.
A certificate of completion is presented to each attending staff member.
In all, interviews were conducted with eight physicians, nearly half of the ED's active attending staff, including all physicians with significant administrative responsibilities and many of the physicians with the heaviest workloads during the months that the fieldwork was conducted.
Valley College faculty members chat between attending staff meetings, which are held in preparation for opening day.
By attending staff meetings, counsel can better appreciate your association's culture and priorities.
Sir Rocco Forte has taken a personal interest in every aspect of our training programme - attending staff induction days and tasting every dish on the brasserie menu.
1990) of 158 physician trainees and attending staff at McMaster University had different results.