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This decision was based on an ideal outcome, as the pretreatment with lignocaine should alleviate all pain associated with the infusion, removing the need for intervention from the attending staff.
With a known SAM patient, the anesthesiologist, surgeon or procedure physician will institute their sedation plan and order the SAM assessment and monitoring protocol to be followed by attending staff for this patient.
I was willing to pay the charges in full but I was told by the attending staff that even if I have paid, the money will not be returned to me in cash after the BD35 has been waived.
the arriving Roadsters were welcomed home by attending staff.
On the contrary; so long as one refrains from drinking directly from the fountain as I was tempted to, the attending staff last Sunday were quite enthusiastic about guests trying everything.
However it has been demonstrated that factors such as pain, lights, sounds, attending staff activities and stress may disturb the patient's rest.
Mandavia, attending staff physicianat Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles.
They said that, even though we had qualified in this area, if we wanted to work at Ysbyty Gwynedd, we would basically be able to do so only as attending staff or on a voluntary basis.
These scheduled teaching rounds are carried out early in the morning by all residents and attending staff in order to review any new cases that may have been admitted to the University's District Hospital and the University's Pediatric Hospital during the previous 24 hours, and changes in the medical and neurological conditions of the inpatients.
John's roles include attending staff family funerals, and providing a service for any players who feel they need to have a prayer said for them or need support.
Results outside these limits should be called to the attention of the attending staff since changes in warfarin dosage or other measures may be indicated.
Make certain elevators are sized to accommodate a stretcher and two to three attending staff.