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In talking about visual media and young children's attention spans, Gloria DeGaetano says,
A study involving Suzuki method violin students examined on-task and off-task behaviors to see if attention span differed with various types of instruction.
Perhaps the return of the serial will help us recover and hone our civic attention spans and memories.
Another thing that doesn't last is the attention span of most of these legislators.
If you have a weak heart or just a short attention span, keep your distance from Emma Donoghue's intricately woven and luxuriously paced fourth novel, Life Mask, the story of the 12th Earl of Derby's 16-year courtship of the comedic actress Eliza Farren and of Eliza's ambiguous and socially dangerous friendship with the sculptor Anne Damer, rumored to be a sapphist.
However, with a profusion of abstract ideas at play, many of the films shown at Images truly tested the limits of the average person's attention span, and many of the feature-length ones would have benefited from a shorter running game.
One of them, Charlie, didn't speak--although he did laugh--and his medical chart indicated that he had an attention span of less than ten seconds.
Children exposed to relatively high levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) can have deficits in general intellectual ability, poor short-term memory, and short attention span.
They have taught social studies and geometry and still managed to find ways to hold the fleeting attention span of students in a classroom.
I don't buy the excuse that television, and the short attention span of the viewer, necessitates manufactured competitiveness any more than I believe that the combined budget of each team in F1 should exceed most small nations' GDP.
She did have a short attention span, and could be distracted fairly easily, but these are hardly abnormal traits in a child her age.
Chess has been shown to improve visual memory, attention span and spatial reasoning among children who play--often resulting in higher test scores and greater intellectual and social maturity.

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