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Various studies have attempted to correlate music lessons and activities with attention span, measuring the latter by observing instances of attention behavior.
Children are not being educated to have prolonged attention spans and you have to be prepared to read steadily for a Dickens novel, and I think that's a pity," she said.
The report said the trend for people to have a shorter attention span was one of the main causes of accidents in the home, such as burnt-out pans, overflowing baths or lost door keys.
So let me remind you: we're talking attention spans here.
But Postman and Gore and Orwell are not the first prophets or social critics to point out the moral and political problems of short attention spans and weak memories.
Video scribing triples an audience's attention span with only a 25 percent drop off rate, when compared to YouTube's 75 percent.
This is why Burst, the UK's first micro-content specialist agency is launching to service brands and agencies eager to reach a new generation of consumers with short attention spans, headed up by Brandsonvine's Michael Litman.
It was observed that particular length of attention spans in the viewers often recurred at regular intervals.
The chapter "Developmental Barriers to Learning" offers advice for dealing with common student difficulties, including short attention span, over-dependence on the teacher, impatience, fear of failure and so forth.
The pupils developed faster, more accurate memories and their attention span was better.
That is where the first and, to me, the most dangerous assault on the attention span takes place.
There is some bad language, and the stories require a greater attention span than your average junior high schooler possesses.

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