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Having done so, he covered the ground more slowly, as though inviting attention to detail. Adam was a willing and attentive pupil, and followed his motions exactly, missing--or trying to miss--nothing.
William was decoyed up and shot, and had they only got the whole of the note and paid a little more attention to detail in the accessories, it is very possible that suspicion might never have been aroused."
Every lasting portion of the human frame was represented in these intricate designs (they were by Michael Angelo, I think,) and there was a careful finish about the work, and an attention to details that betrayed the artist's love of his labors as well as his schooled ability.
Since Arsene Wenger got rid of the all-powerful Vieiras and Petits, he has just said, 'Go and play, go and express yourselves', without an attention to detail that someone like Pep Guardiola has.
Dying Light - its attention to detail is impressive
Australian batsmen such as Matthew Hayden and Mike Hussey had an attention to detail that at times could border on being obsessive, but Tendulkar took things to a new level, the said.
Outside, the attention to detail continues with traditional estate fencing, copper-bracketed lights, cobbled edgings and footpaths combining gravel and Indian stone.
Meryl Streep says of her role as former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher: 'I am trying to approach the role with as much zeal, fervour and attention to detail as the real Lady Thatcher'
Ms Spain added: "Whether you are buying a one-bedroom starter home, a four-bedroom mews house with a separate guest suite on the ground floor or a substantial three-storey family home, you can be assured of the same attention to detail."
Conveyor of Mackinaw, Ill., so we wanted an experienced team to oversee the entire project." Gralweski adds, "US Shredder's attention to detail convinced us that they would install our new system efficiently and quickly."
Paying careful attention to detail and subtext and drawing support from ancient and modern scholars, Goodman paints us a portrait of a lonely, loveless and surprisingly modern man, set apart from the rest of the world and doomed from his miraculous conception to fulfill a Divine mission he neither understands nor has the power to preempt.
Careful attention to detail is said to optimize material usage, minimize dust emissions, maximize operator safety and provide detailed batch records.

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