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As previously mentioned, a heightened LPP amplitude indicates an increase in motivational engagement and allocation of attentional resources (Schupp et al.
After the pretest, the students received specific attentional focus instructions according to their assigned group.
There is still much confusion within empirical literature concerning the extent to what auditory distraction disrupts task performance by depleting general attentional resources, or if it competes for specific representational space instead.
Is the Stroop test the right method of measuring attentional bias in eating disordered patients?
In most studies, the external attentional focus has been found to be more beneficial.
2003), and attentional dysfunction is two to three times more prevalent in boys than girls (Feldman and Reiff 2014; Willcutt 2012).
Experiments on instrument use are allowing improvements that free up attentional capacity.
Table 1 Summary of Linear Regression Analysis with Impulsiveness, Attentional Impulsiveness, Motor Impulsiveness and Non-planning as predictors of Behavioral Addiction
Situation selection was mentioned 16% of the time, attentional deployment was cited 14% of the time, and situation modification was used only 9% of the time.
Table 1: Attentional, motor and non-planning factors of impulsivity in overall population
In the adult population area, the IVA/CPT has been used to assess differences in attentional ability and self-control of adults with and without ADHD diagnosis (Quinn, 2003; White et al.
These findings support previous work examining the effect of task intensity on attentional focus [1] in a field based setting.

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