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Relationships between trait impulsivity, attentional bias for pictorial food cues and associated response inhibition following in-vivo food cue exposure.
(2001) A dynamic, evolutionary perspective on attentional capture.
Using an internal attentional focus, and attempting to move one body part in a particular way, disrupts the overall coordination pattern.
Attentional bias towards threatening or neutral stimuli was measured using the bias score.
Backward digit span test from the WISC-III (16) was applied as another measure of attentional control (19).
Although they were aware of the general subject of the study (i.e., attentional focus), they were unaware of the specific purpose (i.e., to compare the results of external versus internal focus of attention).
However, the majority of the studies that combine concept maps and technological devices focus on the results of learning and learning motivation, so the actual sequence of students' attentional behaviors during the concept mapping processes has yet to be explored.
The attentional pattern discovered in our study and by Schultheiss and Hale may be able to be explained by referring to the defensive nature of high-nAff individuals.
The discriminant analysis revealed that among the variables that emerged as significantly predictive of the level of PA, age, perceived health, barriers' self-efficacy, internal memory strategies, and attentional control strategies predominantly discriminated between active and inactive older participants in successfully classifying 73% of participants.
Univariate Association of Demographic and Clinical Variables with Second-Order Attentional and Nonplanning Impulsivity.
Lastly, the present study examined how the attentional engagement toward pain-related information differs depending on psychological factors, particularly pain catastrophizing levels.
If the higher-order interactions including congruency were significant, an attentional bias index would be calculated (see below).

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