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She had grown thin and pale, but that was not what made her unrecognizable; she was unrecognizable at the moment he entered because on that face whose eyes had always shone with a suppressed smile of the joy of life, now when he first entered and glanced at her there was not the least shadow of a smile: only her eyes were kindly attentive and sadly interrogative.
Just as the work was ended the scowling eye of Ishmael's assistant caught a glimpse of the figure of the attentive observer of their movements.
Islamabad -- The Parliamentary Committee on National Security was informed that Pakistan was fully aware and attentive of its defence, national security and national matters.
We are attentive to the protection of civilian populations like we are to the modalities and consequences of the retaking of Al-Raqqa," she added.
ff's future philosophy, reading essayistically: Levinas and Adorno, rereading: Irigary on love and wonder, the present of reading: Irigaray's attentive listening, romance and authenticity: Beauvoir's lesson in reading, intimate reading: Cixous' approach, and the attentive work of grace.
To be imbalanced means that some of your immune cells may be overreactive or not attentive enough.
Attentive to the ground on which he draws or paints, he works not only on canvas but on printed pages, documents, embroidered silk, creating richly textured dialogues between the associations of these background materials and the media he applies That he is fascinated, enamored even, by the female is attested by the omnipresence of women's bodies, women's faces Their dominance is asserted by the power animal masks they are given to wear, the aggressive sexuality of their poses, their psychic energy.
Attentive Care Experts was founded in April last year - and one year on has just moved into larger premises in Birkenshaw with support from Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance.
Residents and motorists have been warned to be attentive and cautious as weather conditions may cause a drop in visibility and roads may become slippery.
Mum, Kibriah, proved to be a very attentive and caring mother and despite displaying her obvious sadness seems to be physically well this morning, and will be monitored very closely over the next few weeks.
TEEN star Justin Bieber insists he is an attentive boyfriend.
Udell and team carried out two experiments comparing the performance of pet domestic dogs, shelter dogs and wolves given the opportunity to beg for food, from either an attentive person or from a person unable to see the animal.