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To test whether the longitudinal relationships between internal efficacy and political attentiveness found for the whole sample hold true for both East and West Germans, we followed Bentler's (1995) approach to multi-sample analyses.
Such critics mock the Washington bureaucracy's attentiveness to detail -- as symbolized by fat daily volumes of the Federal Register.
How I lust after what Simone Weil calls the virtue of attentiveness.
To maximize attentiveness is to maximize how much is learnt and how much is retained.
He discusses such frames as interfaces that negotiate competing visions of past and present, body and community, and attentiveness and distraction.
We look forward to providing an extraordinary level of service and attentiveness that will be a source of pride and satisfaction for the entire community.
This requires attentiveness, cooperation, and respect.
Generally, the researchers found that on some dimensions of civic engagement, such as voting, volunteering, and news attentiveness, youth who are involved in sports report higher average levels of civic engagement than their counterparts who do not participate in sports.
In the garden, there is attentiveness to these other lives growing.
We need a disciplined attentiveness to the practices of people, particularly those practices we find alien or objectionable.
The effect of DHA supplementation on attentiveness was more marked in girls than in boys.
His point in so doing was to show that a workable comprehension of reality was best arrived at through careful attentiveness rather than via any "royal road to logic," which would at best occlude real thought and at worst offer up hypotheses in the form of false--if ornamental--truths.