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They concluded early nest attentiveness did not provide increased egg viability or protection from predators, but may have reduced parasitism by Brown-headed Cowbirds (Molothrus ater).
Such attentiveness is essential, for the Dust Bowl's key lesson taught that the earth does indeed have its limits, and those who push beyond them do so at their peril.
The fundamental obstacle to overcome is that therapy is predominantly characterized by privacy, informality, and attentiveness to the quality of relationship with clients, while the court room tends to be public, bound by strict bureaucratic details, and antagonistic.
More developed pieces, such as Portland filmmakers Matt McCormick and Chris Larson performing lush yet lo-fi rock to McCormick's looping film of blue sky, gulls lifting and dropping in and out of the frame; or Israeli vocalist Victoria Hanna's riveting set, a virtuosic pop performance of Judaic texts and rituals, including a song made by eating apples and spitting/singing them back out, catalyzed a kind of attentiveness that made meaning happen.
Identify and confirm student understanding, increase student attentiveness and comprehension, gather, grade and report critical information.
Behind the sow stands a rabbi who lifts the sow's right leg up, and with his left hand pulls the tail over himself, bows and stares with great attentiveness under the tail of the sow into the Talmud, as if he wanted to read and understand something intricate and extraordinary.
The personal narration of almost-teen Kristine takes the reader through the loss of her beloved pet horse Dandy, the details of her mother's pregnancy and the ultimate addition of a sister, the attentiveness of grandparents, the social interplay of school friends, and, through it all, the refusal to accept the birthday surprise of a puppy as a new pet.
We shall suggest that the dynamics of experiential attentiveness gradually work towards "a progressive revelation of something which exists independently of me (us).
Americans think of everything in terms of bulk, size and speed--and don't tend to value things that require deep attentiveness, certainly not in the realm of food production.
Barnum" approach to programming, publicity and audience manners in the earlier mid-century events to Thalberg's matinees, to the respectful, quiet attentiveness of audiences at solo recitals of Bulow at the end of the period.
MacDonald combines this attentiveness to detailed micro-interpretation with an extraordinary range in the variety of critical resources at her command, from classical culture to contemporary African American studies, and she coordinates these resources with a firm but deft touch.
Ker's meticulous attentiveness to manuscript detail has now been mapped for us with an equal opulence.