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To reduce the force or severity; to lessen a relationship or connection between two objects.

In Criminal Procedure, the relationship between an illegal search and a confession may be sufficiently attenuated as to remove the confession from the protection afforded by the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree doctrine, thereby making it admissible as evidence in a criminal prosecution depending upon the facts of the case.


verb attenuare, bate, constrict, constringe, contract, curtail, debilitate, decrease, deflate, devitalize, diminish in effect, extenuare, extenuate, lessen, lighten, make thin, narrow, reduce, reduce in intensity, reeuce in strength, render threadlike, taper, weaken, weaken in force
Associated concepts: attenuation between a cause and the result, proximate cause, remote cause
See also: alleviate, decrease, depreciate, dilute, disarm, discount, extenuate, lessen, minimize, reduce
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sup][6],[8] Here, this finding supported the notion that MSC might attenuate the PMN sequestration and NE release by suppressing the release of early-stage proinflammatory cytokines (such as TNF-a and IL-6) and PMN chemotactic factor (MIP-2).
For example, in an effort to redesign hydrophone mounts on a sonar system, Attenuate was molded into a cylindrical shaped sleeve to encase the system's hydrophones.
Antioxidants attenuate gentamicin-induced free radical formation in Vitro and ototoxicity in vivo: D-methionine is a potential protectant.
Moreover, since the inhibitory effects of NS1 attenuate aspects of both innate and adaptive immunity, NS1 mutant viruses appear to be intrinsically more immunogenic (38).
Although we propose hypercorticism and reduced oxidative stress to be two separate plausible mechanisms by which feed restriction might attenuate immune and inflammatory responses, their cellular and molecular interactions are, in fact, closely related.
Planting on a roof attenuates peak rainfall to reduce risks of flooding.
What we've shown is that this satellite production attenuates the disease, and that it also greatly decreases the replication of the virus in the genetically engineered plants.
The Wake Island array also has the advantage of being on the ocean floor, where the crust, which Walker says "mucks signals up and attenuates their energies and frequencies," is thin.