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To reduce the force or severity; to lessen a relationship or connection between two objects.

In Criminal Procedure, the relationship between an illegal search and a confession may be sufficiently attenuated as to remove the confession from the protection afforded by the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree doctrine, thereby making it admissible as evidence in a criminal prosecution depending upon the facts of the case.


verb attenuare, bate, constrict, constringe, contract, curtail, debilitate, decrease, deflate, devitalize, diminish in effect, extenuare, extenuate, lessen, lighten, make thin, narrow, reduce, reduce in intensity, reeuce in strength, render threadlike, taper, weaken, weaken in force
Associated concepts: attenuation between a cause and the result, proximate cause, remote cause
See also: alleviate, decrease, depreciate, dilute, disarm, discount, extenuate, lessen, minimize, reduce
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And our finding also indicated that MSC administration could be a hopeful therapy in subsequent inflammatory states induced by first "nonmicro" attack which attenuates organ injury via modulating the dominant inflammatory cell, like PMN.
Neutrophil elastase inhibitor (sivelestat) attenuates subsequent ventilator-induced lung injury in mice.
Calpain inhibitor AK295 attenuates motor and cognitive deficits following experimental brain injury in the rat.
Anti-ICAM-1 antibody has been shown to attenuate damage in the brain, heart, kidney, and other tissues where ICAM-1 plays a critical role in ischemia-induced damage.