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To reduce the force or severity; to lessen a relationship or connection between two objects.

In Criminal Procedure, the relationship between an illegal search and a confession may be sufficiently attenuated as to remove the confession from the protection afforded by the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree doctrine, thereby making it admissible as evidence in a criminal prosecution depending upon the facts of the case.


verb attenuare, bate, constrict, constringe, contract, curtail, debilitate, decrease, deflate, devitalize, diminish in effect, extenuare, extenuate, lessen, lighten, make thin, narrow, reduce, reduce in intensity, reeuce in strength, render threadlike, taper, weaken, weaken in force
Associated concepts: attenuation between a cause and the result, proximate cause, remote cause
See also: alleviate, decrease, depreciate, dilute, disarm, discount, extenuate, lessen, minimize, reduce
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Finally, if the concrete slab is not completely level before the sound attenuating blanket is glued down, the bond of adhesive will break and de-lamination will occur.
Industrial power plant 16-21 kw , 27hp engine or larger, 16-21 kw three-phase generator, control panel, sound attenuating booth,industrial power plant 31-47 kw with motor 38 hp or greater, 31-47 kw three-phase generator, control board, sound attenuating booth