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For simplicity, we present the attenuation factor[MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] for pollutant [x.
For such homogeneous polymer melts, the differences in both the velocity and the attenuation for HDPE and PA6 are mainly originated from the different molecular structure.
To the Editor: Arguments about the ethics of attempted growth attenuation interventions--administering high-dose estrogen to children with profound disabilities who have not yet entered puberty--are about many things, but one aspect that needs to be underscored is that they are about different conjectures regarding the potential benefits or harms of this intervention.
In table 2 the comparison between different materials attenuation is presented.
We used noise average relative attenuation [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
All tests of the absorber after this showed poor hydrocarbon attenuation.
The low density of recording stations determines, in some parts of the world, a limited availability of the strong motion data needed to study the attenuation.
In such patients, in order to provide 40-dB masking above the BC threshold in the nontest ear, the masking level may exceed interaural attenuation and produce an inadvertent threshold elevation by masking the test ear, as well.
Attenuation from the laminate is a first order term, and is the dominant effect influencing the BER in long high-speed serial links.
PET can be used with different radiotracers to provide other useful biologic information, while CT provides valuable multiplanar information regarding the morphological features and attenuation values of lesions as well as oral and intravenous (IV) contrast behavior.
The new study [1] shows the first evidence that such attenuation of HIV (with the virus becoming less able to reproduce, and also less able to be transmitted) appears to have occurred.
Figuring out what to do about this problem, however, takes precise measurements of the attenuation of radio waves by different materials in various ordered or disordered arrangements.