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The ratio of lesion-to-cortex attenuation showed considerable overlap between RO and RCCs in the excretory phase ( P < 0.
But in noise attenuation, any small channel or leak allows the noise to enter, and the protection quickly deteriorates from all to none.
In integrated PET/MRI system tissue attenuation has to be obtained in a completely different way.
Measurements were taken to determine the propagation attenuation constant in a straight concrete tunnel.
If these attenuation relationships are carefully reviewed, it is noticed that the above list includes attenuation relationships developed for both shallow crustal zones as well as for subduction zones.
3] increased, the second attenuation pole decreases from 17 GHz to 13.
We can see that there is a significant improvement in the attenuation of electromagnetic wave in plasma with 0.
771mm) contribute insignificantly to the overall specific rain attenuation for the selected rain rates.
For such homogeneous polymer melts, the differences in both the velocity and the attenuation for HDPE and PA6 are mainly originated from the different molecular structure.
In the present work, three CFRP plates were used to determine their wave attenuation behavior.
When you think attenuation, always remember, it's not just the loss that causes the collapse of the eye; it's the frequency-dependent loss.