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In Defending Poetry, David-Antoine Williams is concerned with just such affinities between poetry and politics as they appear in the work of three poets--Joseph Brodsky, Seamus Heaney, and Geoffrey Hill--for whom poetry is neither an aesthete's rarefied pleasure Ca purely aesthetic artefact with no attestable significance beyond the singular moment of enjoyment") nor simply a tool of political power structures ("an artefact of prevailing power systems to be judged mainly on political criteria") (3).
However, the great contribution of Christianity to philosophy, that is, its firm belief in the attestable bond between personal existence and the infinite One, did not get lost, as we will see, in the course of things, but was remolded in line with the necessities of scholastic philosophy.
The results show that the constraints imposed by the end-weight principle are attestable particularly in sentences where the temporal PP co-occur with other adverbials, mainly place and manner adverbials, and supersede the semantic and syntactic ones.
Considering stewardship first, providing legally attestable evidence is undermined by the many situations in financial reporting that require the exercise of judgment due to the complex nature of contracts and activities.
They became a large, affluent, charitable, Torah-observant group, but were considered as slaves and inferior by the smaller group of Jews of halakhically attestable Jewish origin (called meyuhasim).