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If we examine such practices as authorial claims: for instance, the claim that certain place names are 'their' place names and therefore 'their' country while it may not be attestable on the basis of sound historical analysis, might also be read as claiming the authority to make such a pronouncement.
In addition, the analysis of the histologic criteria shows that they may present a variable grade of expressivity; in fact, a histologic feature may often be easily attestable, but sometimes it is so subtle that to establish if it is or is not present may not be simple.
In Defending Poetry, David-Antoine Williams is concerned with just such affinities between poetry and politics as they appear in the work of three poets--Joseph Brodsky, Seamus Heaney, and Geoffrey Hill--for whom poetry is neither an aesthete's rarefied pleasure Ca purely aesthetic artefact with no attestable significance beyond the singular moment of enjoyment") nor simply a tool of political power structures ("an artefact of prevailing power systems to be judged mainly on political criteria") (3).
However, the great contribution of Christianity to philosophy, that is, its firm belief in the attestable bond between personal existence and the infinite One, did not get lost, as we will see, in the course of things, but was remolded in line with the necessities of scholastic philosophy.
Only since the sixth century are some contacts attestable in Central Asia, but this encounter appears to have been competitive, and it had no considerable impact beyond that region.
lay precisely on an attestable route that ran from Lake Chad to the
To that end, a NIST-based method is the only attestable metrological standard available.
And while the carbon we release by flying or driving is certain and verifiable, the carbon absorbed by offset projects is less attestable.
The RC FRT representatives confirmed the compliance of the production technology and characteristics of the finished products (rolling stock axles) with the requirements attestable during certification.
Strong-grade forms reveal no attestable characteristic change after the coda lengthening, except the change *uo > [?
The correlation of obligatory transitivity and resistance to unselected objects is undermined by way constructions based on obligatorily transitive verbs, easily attestable by web search (cf.
The simple fact of the matter is that until recently the paucity of available source material was such that for 'more than 80 per cent of attestable Indian history there were no histories'.