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To solemnly declare verbally or in writing that a particular document or testimony about an event is a true and accurate representation of the facts; to bear witness to. To formally certify by a signature that the signer has been present at the execution of a particular writing so as to rebut any potential challenges to its authenticity.

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v. 1) to confirm (usually in writing) that a document is genuine. 2) to bear witness that someone actually signed a document, such as a will. All states require at least two witnesses (three in Vermont) to attest that a will was signed and declared to be a will (except a will written in one's own handwriting in some states). (See: will, witness, holographic will)

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THE Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Sunday observed that public demonstrations that the Presidency may have procured a forged West African Examination Council (WAEC) Certificate Attestation and Confirmation for President Muhammadu Buhari is a huge smear on our nation's integrity and the Office of the President.
Earlier, for the attestation of bachelors and masters degrees, it was compulsory for students to provide hard copies of their intermediate and matriculation academic record for the verification of the degrees.
The Sharjah Municipality has obliged real estate offices and landlords in Sharjah to use e-services (e-tenancy contract) on Sharjah city municipality's website for attestation of residential and commercial contracts, effective September 1.
A close examination of the information shows that when the final attestations are in for Stage 2, it will not likely be a failure.
All virtual computing nodes are guaranteed to be trusted by configuration-based remote attestation. However, since the configuration of the latest restart of the platform is static, the dynamic attacks such as buffer overflow and DMA attack cannot be handled.
In addition to ensuring the swift completion of the attestation process, the new online system can be used to transfer students between schools and provide leaving certificates.
* We extended the traditional remote attestation protocol and proposed a mutual attestation protocol.
the year of grace (or the "Year of our Lord"), the Attestation
JEDDAH: The Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) will soon introduce an electronic system for attestation, according to Muhiyuddin Hakami, director of the information technology at the JCCI.
10, 2006, the components will provide the P & E Policy Office with an attestation as to the accuracy of the information in the report that was received on or after Oct.