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Why do degrees already attested need to be re-attested for evaluation to get photocopies attested?
The process of getting one's documents attested is cumbersome if you do not have any acquaintance with a grade 17 or above government officer.
A pilot programme conducted last summer (2013) found that two public schools assigned for the process were able to issue 3,000 attested transcripts between them.
Spouse's name should be mentioned in the passport copy, the original marriage certificate should be attested by the general attestation department of the state where the marriage was performed and it should be submitted along with its photocopy for attestation," S.
In this respect, Hoven's policy accords with the approach adopted in modern dictionaries of medieval Latin, which for the most part concentrate on words and meanings not attested in the principal lexica of ancient Latin, such as Lewis and Short or Forcellini.
In short, the use of financial statements attested by |licensees~ is so frequently used in our economic system as to be indispensable.
Attested copy of PAN No (In case of Partnership/Pvt Ltd firm PAN No of firm is required, in case of
All students registered in Dubai's private schools are required to provide attested certificates before enrolling at a new school in Dubai or overseas.
Al Shamsi said the municipality had coordinated with other governmental departments in the emirate who will now request a copy of an attested tenancy contract before carrying out transactions with residents.
He pointed out that more than 20 per cent of leasing contracts in the emirate have not been attested by the municipality.
The decision was made after Sharjah Municipality carried out a survey and discovered that 20 to 25 per cent of tenants had not attested their contracts.