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To solemnly declare verbally or in writing that a particular document or testimony about an event is a true and accurate representation of the facts; to bear witness to. To formally certify by a signature that the signer has been present at the execution of a particular writing so as to rebut any potential challenges to its authenticity.

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v. 1) to confirm (usually in writing) that a document is genuine. 2) to bear witness that someone actually signed a document, such as a will. All states require at least two witnesses (three in Vermont) to attest that a will was signed and declared to be a will (except a will written in one's own handwriting in some states). (See: will, witness, holographic will)

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"And you think the presence of attestors shows something about our social quandary?"
When the standards are established, there are two major groups of professionals that are affected: preparers and attestors. The burden to follow the standards rests first with the preparers of financial statements.
"This proposal is a great improvement that will provide more information to the preparers, attestors and users of the financial statements."
The GFOA's policy statement on MFBA explains that the financial reporting project needs to be completed prior to implementing the new MFBA "so that preparers, attestors, governmental officials and other users have an opportunity to know not only how, but why, financial statements are henceforth to be presented in this manner."