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Quantitative attitudinal surveys The outcomes of the attitudinal surveys are briefly summarized below.
is an attitudinal research company that has developed a suite of proprietary techniques to improve on traditional attitudinal research methods through the application of emerging technologies.
Although the same questionnaire was not used in both studies, both studies focused on measuring pre- to post-course attitudinal change in beliefs, values, and community awareness.
This acquisition provides Catalina Marketing with a solid foundation for the launch of proprietary attitudinal research products," said David Diamond, chief vision officer for Catalina Marketing Corporation.
Attitudinal measures The Semantic Differential Scale (SDS) (Pizzo, 1981), consists of 12 pairs of words rated on a 5-point Likert scale measuring a favorable or unfavorable attitude.
What: Drama about a very attitudinal Boston medical examiner who solves more crimes than the local police force.
a subsidiary of Three Rivers Center for Independent Living, has consulted with more than 50 area businesses and organizations to assist them in their efforts to remove the physical and attitudinal barriers that prevent individuals with disabilities from entering and participating as customers and employees.
Keynote WebEffective employs unique and proprietary technology which combines the best aspects of usability, behavioral and attitudinal research into one integrated, on-demand research solution.
SLPs' speculated that deterrents to collaboration could be attributed to five possibilities: time constraints, limited knowledge of the instructional routines carried out by persons in other disciplines, attitudinal issues related to inflexibility and dysfunctional interpersonal relationships, lack of willingness on the part of some SLPs, and lack of SLP presence in policy making committees.
Most problems for underachievers begin at home and, according to Spevak, include attitudinal problems.
KRC conducts public opinion and attitudinal research using both quantative and qualitative techniques for corporations and governments worldwide.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Bazaarvoice, an innovator in helping brands use online word of mouth to build their businesses, and iPerceptions, a leading web-focused attitudinal analytics provider, today announced that 81% of surveyed CompUSA shoppers consider customer ratings and reviews important when they are researching or planning a purchase.

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