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a leading provider of Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) solutions, that explains how new feedback technology can provide essential attitudinal data to help determine how to present the right message to the right customer at the right time.
Another research question concerned attitude: Will underachieving, chronically misbehaving students demonstrate a significant attitudinal preference toward learning-style congruent treatments as compared to traditional treatments
The experimental group students exhibited lower attitudinal levels on the research factors, "teaching and learning" and "satisfaction", both before commencement as well as on conclusion of their internet-based course than did their control group counterparts who participated in a lecture-based course.
Online survey tools can provide the sample size researchers demand for statistically accurate studies, but don't capture the behavior behind the consumer attitudinal data.
iPerceptions is one of North America's leading web-focused attitudinal analytics providers.
Attitudinal Dynamics provides exchange opportunities for teachers and students.
Subsequently, it illustrates the application of the framework in understanding attitudinal meanings of gesture, the kind of meaning that contributes to the characterisation in multimodal digital literature.
ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad police on Friday organized training on character building and attitudinal change for police officers and officials deployed at police check posts as well as front desks to improve their attitude and behaviors with the general public.
The authors explored Hispanic and Caucasian college women's (N = 264) behavioral and attitudinal symptoms of eating disorders after controlling for body mass index and internalization of the thinness ideal, as well as the roles of ethnicity and ethnic identity in symptomatology.
To build upon achievements of the ADA and other civil rights laws that have changed our nation, we must go one step further and remove attitudinal barriers toward people with disabilities, in and out of the workplace.
The study aim is "Impact of electronic distribution channels attitudinal and behavioral loyalty of customers".
He further stressed that attitudinal change for the realization of human rights could only be possible through reaching masses at the grass-root level by involving family, community, institutions and society at large.

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