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Lee (2012) argues that exposure to counter-attitudinal information leads to attitudinal ambivalence and thus inhibits engagement in position-taking activities (e.g., signing a petition), which require participants to take a fixed position on an issue or candidate.
This study adopts the SFL perspective on gesture and proposes a model for understanding attitudinal meaning potential of gesture, the kind of meaning that is dominant in literary texts allowing authors to depict a character's personality, describe their interior worlds and manipulate the viewer's empathy and/or discernment towards the character (Macken-Horarik, 2003).
The abovementioned bipolar continuum of safety attitude could be described with attitudinal ambivalence.
At the same time, other attitudinal measures show that Americans are feeling better about their personal finances these days, and a separate Gallup question shows that significantly fewer Americans say they are actively cutting back on how much money they spend each week compared with a few years ago.
h2: Campaign is not successful in bringing attitudinal change about breast cancer amongst women.
To build upon achievements of the ADA and other civil rights laws that have changed our nation, we must go one step further and remove attitudinal barriers toward people with disabilities, in and out of the workplace.
The study aim is "Impact of electronic distribution channels attitudinal and behavioral loyalty of customers".
Keywords: brand, brand loyalty, behavioral loyalty, attitudinal loyalty, loyalty programs
He further stressed that attitudinal change for the realization of human rights could only be possible through reaching masses at the grass-root level by involving family, community, institutions and society at large.
Some of the key recommendations from the workshop were promoting technology and innovations to improve efficiency; incentives for optimal water utilization by industries and individuals, curbing unregulated water consumption and facilitating behavioural and attitudinal shift in human habits.
Muscat: The Muscat Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is organising a thought provoking seminar on 'Ethical Dilemmas confronting the accountants', and 'Attitudinal Transformation for personal Effectiveness' today at the College of Banking and Financial Studies at Bausher.
The locals need to be developed for specific trades; attitudinal changes need to be incorporated into the younger generations from the primary level; and the school curriculum needs to be restructured.

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