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This is where Robinson Crusoe and his family will be hanging out and they didn't want it looking too perfect and modern," says museum manager Mike Benson The arrival of the actors and film-makers means another location success for this area following on the continuous conversion of Goathland into Aidensfield for TV's Heartbeat and Redcar beach becoming Dunkirk for the award-winning movie Attonement.
The stars of Attonement, James McAvoy and Keira Knightly (above) and (inset) Daniel Day-Lewis
SEPTEMBER 21--YOM KIPPUR The Day of Attonement begins at sundown, concluding at sundown the next day.
Should we conclude that a sin offering whose owner dies should revert to a state of unconsecration because on this understanding [that he would die before attonement was effected] the owner would not have consecrated it?