attorney at law

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attorney at law (or attorney-at-law)

n. a slightly fancier way of saying attorney or lawyer.

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Attorney-at-Law Jayathilake also stated that there is a neurological disease in the child's brain.
With the addition of Beeraj Patel, Attorney-at-law, Tucker & Associates PLLC has greatly increased the number of immigration services it is able to provide to the public.
A QUALIFIED attorney-at-law with over 20 years business experience, has launched a specialist business development venture.
Lomio (law, Stanford Law School, US) and Spang-Hanssen (a Danish Supreme Court Attorney-at-law) provide advice on conducting legal research in the United States and in Europe, paying particular attention to providing guidance to those who might be alien to the legal culture in question.
Written by attorney-at-law Daniel Sitarz in a plain-terms style immediately accessible to lay readers, Small Business Accounting Simplified covers how to track business assets, expenses, income, and payroll, keep a chart of accounts, prepare a profit and loss statement, set up a practical recordkeeping schedule, and much more.
SICK emails from supposed attorney-at-law "Fred Anderson" claim he is trying to sort out the financial affairs of a man who died in the Asian tsunami.
David Gass, Attorney-at-Law Miller, Johnson, Sneer & Cummiskey PLC
Susan Guberman-Garcia is a practicing attorney-at-law. For more information on this hearing, check out the website and type in "NAACP"
Congressman from Texas; (2) William Archey, president and chief executive officer, American Electronics Association; (3) Bebecca Quan Burdette, attorney-at-law; (4) Barry Chiswick, Department of Economics, University of Illinois, Chicago; (5) Stephen F.
belonging to a client are held or managed by an attorney-at-law
A restraining order was issued by the Supreme Court today preventing Attorney-at-Law Nagananda Kodituwakku from practising as a lawyer for three years.

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