attract notice

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He stood still as much as he could, with his club-foot behind the other, so that it should not attract notice, and he was constantly on the look out for any reference to it.
Betts Shoreham was a constant visitor at the house, and Tom Thurston made his appearance with a degree of punctuality that began to attract notice, among the inmates of the house on the opposite side of the street.
There was nothing in the answer itself, or the manner of its delivery, to attract notice in an unsuspecting listener; but by Julia it was well understood--it was the first time he had ever spoken directly to herself--it was a new era in their lives--and his body turned half round toward her as he spoke, showed his manly form to great advantage; but the impressive and dignified manner in which he dropped his whip towards the mile-stone, Julia felt that she never could forget--it was intended to mark the spot where he had first addressed her.
But, close to the entrance, there was a trifling circumstance to attract notice, in the shape of a note lying on the carpet.
This contemptuous tranquillity on the part of an occupant of the house, in response to the butcher's indefatigable efforts to attract notice, so piqued the man of flesh that he determined to withdraw.
He decided to go round by the house, arguing, as he carried his overcoat upon his arm, that it was less likely to attract notice if left there, than if taken to Holloway: both Mrs Wilfer and Miss Lavinia being ravenously curious touching every article of which the lodger stood possessed.
But they still attract notice in an institution that values its traditions and changes slowly.
That's a way to get attention, to push the boundaries enough to attract notice without crossing the line so that what you're trying to say is undone by how you're saying it.
Meaning, skip the alumni reach-out, the tweet to attract notice, and the industry luncheon.
With the Deutsches Derby and Grosser Preis von Baden hero Samum in his first crop, allied to a remarkably high percentage of winners to foals, he began to attract notice, and before long he was receiving patronage from leading breeders outside Germany.
Addressing the issue of clothing, he writes: "If you dress yourself sumptuously and go out in public so as to attract notice, if you rivet the eyes of young men to you and draw the sighs of adolescents after you, and nourish the fires of sexual anticipation .
How else can those seeking redress be seen and heard except by acting in ways that attract notice, such as "occupying" Wall Street or the Eugene Park Blocks?