attract the attention

See: engage, occupy
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com joe_thomas18 @ in tribute to pair of Reds legends A SCULPTOR who has worked on Hollywood films has created busts of two Liverpool FC legends in a bid to attract the attention of Anfield regeneration chiefs.
Summary: The project of creating a Maghreb free trade zone, as discussed last June in Tripoli by the countries of the Arab Maghreb Union, does not attract the attention of Algerian Employers and several experts who lean more towards the creation of a Maghreb economic community based on balanced trade.
Police officers in a university town are being issued with tin whistles to make it easier for them to attract the attention of "anti-social" cyclists.
Her life is transformed when her striking, waif-like looks attract the attention of Michael Faraday, a Harvard-educated, world-traveled scion of an internationally famous concert pianist.
As the first notification system with integrated digital signage capabilities, ECN not only significantly expands the reach of the emergency notification to all areas of the campus, but also provides video-enhanced capabilities to attract the attention of people without a cell phone, telephone or email access.
Koplowitz, who won an Alpert Award in Dance this year, wants to attract the attention of workers who may see the stairs they have sat on for lunch.
You are obligated to make your best effort to have a notice that will attract the attention of potential claimants of the settlement.
In a competitive market, media try "to attract the attention of the customer, who wants to be informed, amused, provoked, surprised and comforted -- preferably all at once.
Act 2, scene 3 has Murray climbing to the top of the tree to try and attract the attention of a passing helicopter.
Attract the attention of your target audience, and establish the viability of your newsletter/report/website using promotions based on your information content.
Surfing an online tidal wave Anew Harris Poll, which shows gay men and lesbians point and click their way around the World Wide Web more than straight people do, is certain to attract the attention of marketers.
Considering, too, the long distances that often separate blooms, these flowers have to grow big enough to attract the attention of huge numbers of visitors.