attract the attention

See: engage, occupy
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As the first notification system with integrated digital signage capabilities, ECN not only significantly expands the reach of the emergency notification to all areas of the campus, but also provides video-enhanced capabilities to attract the attention of people without a cell phone, telephone or email access.
Beyond simple creativity, these child artists possess the ability to sculpt their ideas into masterpieces, sure to attract the attention of museum goers and art-gallery browsers many years in the future.
Koplowitz, who won an Alpert Award in Dance this year, wants to attract the attention of workers who may see the stairs they have sat on for lunch.
"Samsung is a formidable player in commodity markets and this news must attract the attention of Intel, the dominant NOR flash player.
He was finally able to attract the attention of a searching destroyer, which threw him a line and hauled him aboard.
In a competitive market, media try "to attract the attention of the customer, who wants to be informed, amused, provoked, surprised and comforted -- preferably all at once.
Act 2, scene 3 has Murray climbing to the top of the tree to try and attract the attention of a passing helicopter.
Attract the attention of your target audience, and establish the viability of your newsletter/report/website using promotions based on your information content.
While they don't attract the attention that the race for the White House does, there are a number of statewide contests that could have a strong bearing on issues of importance to gay and lesbian voters.
However he does attract the attention of young male otters."
"That in itself is bound to attract the attention of the money men and I think there will be a fierce battle for control."
In contrast to the gentle elegance of the original place (scarcely 100 years old even now), the new development was strident, with large and vulgar buildings jostling with each other to attract the attention of tourists and pack them in as tightly as possible.