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Its fire, therefore, will be perpendicular to the plane of the horizon; and the projectile will soonest pass beyond the range of the terrestrial attraction. But, in order that the moon should reach the zenith of a given place, it is necessary that the place should not exceed in latitude the declination of the luminary; in other words, it must be comprised within the degrees 0@ and 28@ of lat.
One single hypothesis of the observers of Long's Peak could ever be realized, that which foresaw the case of the travelers (if still alive) uniting their efforts with the lunar attraction to attain the surface of the disc.
We had arrived in London at what is called "the height of the season." Among the operatic attractions of that year--I am writing of the days when the ballet was still a popular form of public entertainment--there was a certain dancer whose grace and beauty were the objects of universal admiration.
"Not till the reserve ceases towards oneself; and then the attraction may be the greater.
The World Museum in Liverpool was ranked as the third-best disabled-friendly tourist attraction in Britain.
For the second year in a row, Attraction chimique has received a grant of $5,000 from the CIC's Chemical Education Fund (CEF).
Yas Waterworld, the latest tourist attraction in the United Arab Emirates, has been opened to the public ahead of schedule.
The card is an attraction pass that gives visitors access to around 50 area attractions.
PORTMEIRION was the most visited paid tourist attraction in North Wales last year with Bellevue Park in Wrexham the most popular free site.
In our poll around 35 percent said they thought the UAE was a one stop shopping destination and absolutely no one thought spas were a main attraction in the UAE--should spas start shuddering at this thought?
"Just as within any other market, the popularity of an attraction is dependent on fashions and trends and all attractions have to survive in a competitive market.
Bishop Auckland Town Hall was the most visited free attraction last year with 250,000 visits.