attractive feature

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In addition there is a pretty elevated decking area, with arched hedging proving an attractive feature.
On the flip side, attractive features are what set services apart and generate buzz and satisfaction.
The rear garden is one of the most attractive features of this property being beautifully laid to lawn with attractive and mature borders and established trees such as a stunning acer and further wisteria and clematis decorating the borders.
Proposition 2b: Career opportunities offered in the organizations are an attractive feature for prospective employees.
"It has a lot of attractive features. And the card will be distributed only on invitation.
A change of level adds interest - a sunken garden always makes an attractive feature
SEVEN-YEAR TEMPTATION - the Kia procee'd 2.0 CRDi Sport's most attractive feature is that enduring 100,000-mile warranty; ECONOMY - M- way cruising and very good economy of over 50mpg
A horizontal grinding machine from The Preparation Group has been used to transform the concrete floor of a neglected garage and workshop in Lincoln into an attractive feature for its new use--a high class interior design studio.
The supplemental index of composers listed chronologically and according to country of origin is an especially attractive feature.
According to its manufacturer, Pacific Laser Systems, accuracy is also an attractive feature of the battery-operated PL[S.sup.2], which is accurate to 1/8 inch at a distance of 30 feet.
One attractive feature for foreign political elites is Finland's confiscatory tax rate, which claims nearly one-half of the income of successful Finns.
It's one of those symbolic wash-that-girl-right-out-of-my-hair jobs - and who would ever have guessed that sheepdog fringe was actually his most attractive feature?