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We need to review and re-orient our national security proverbs and metaphors toward new threat attractors.
To further determine the biological functions of attractor modules, GO analysis was conducted based on DAVID.
To address the relative impacts of the large-scale fluctuations on the MPI stability versus potential existence of a chaotic attractor in a more general setting, a full-physics axisymmetric model developed by Rotunno and Emanuel (1987, hereinafter the RE model) is used for a set of 1,000-day simulations (see supplement for the description of the RE model: http://dx.
The 'origins' attractor remains a mystery from this perspective because it continues to be a source of much positive discussion at WWS, yet its influence remains ambiguous.
This is followed by Section 3, in which the adaptive zero attractor controller based ZA-LMS is proposed.
Indeed, no monadic point, or a set of points described by some well-behaved analytic function, could ever represent the strange attractor adequately, since this is a fractal.
A strange attractor limits the system to exhibit the self-similar pattern, which is like old repeating patterns; however, because they are not totally closed, other factors can influence the system and change things, sometimes dramatically.
Applying chaos theory to careers: Attraction and attractors.
Comparison of two different methods for building domains of attraction of tip kind rare attractor [P1.
Let E be an attractor of a contractive conformal IFS (X, [{[w.
ii) If inv(s) [not equal to] inv(r), then the dynamics induced by s and by r have no attractor of period p > 1 in common.
in] when the system is in the chaotic regime leads to a change of shape of the chaotic attractor (see Figure 3.