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For all the elements of national security there is an independent threat attractor, for example food autarky can have availability of water and arable land as a threat attractor.
In the present study, a gene set enrichment algorithm named GSEA-ANOVA was applied to determine the differential expression on the attractor level data.
From the implementation perspective, because complex adaptive systems are unstable and adaptable, it is possible to disrupt them further, catalysing downstream ripple effects as new attractors emerge, and/or existing attractors are modified, as the agents adaptively reorganise around the disruption.
The embedded dimension is the minimum embedded dimension which ensures that the topological structures of chaotic attractors can be unfolded completely.
Thus chaotic attractors act as a kind of pump bringing microscopic fluctuations up to a macroscopic expression.
Point attractors operate when a system is limited to move only toward a clearly defined point.
The lesson then moves on to the explanation of attractors; students are asked to identify the attractors that they are currently experiencing.
Our aim is to build complete bifurcation diagrams and to find unknown rare regular and chaotic attractors using complete bifurcation analysis for some important parameters of the model: the amplitudes and the frequency of excitation.
iii) If [absolute value of inv(s)] = k, then for any p [member of] N, C(s) has as many attractors of period p than any Boolean automata circuit of size n - k, of same sign as C and updated with the parallel update schedule.
We observed a multiple number of attractors in the system, since the attractor "one annulus" had occurred before the attractor "two annuli" lost its stability, and each attractor had its own region of attraction.
Chaotic modelling and simulation: analysis of chaotic models, attractors and forms.
A TOEWS [(Threat, Opportunity, Expectations, Weakness and Strength)] analysis matrix was then used to determine how these attractors could be harnessed in a positive way so as to enhance learner performance.